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Deck Herb and Vegetable Gardens and Orchard

This summer my deck gardening has gone kind of crazy.  I have 9 over-the-rail planters filled with herbs, nice pots with the dwarf blueberries and citrus plants from last year, and cheap pots with seasonal vegetable plants.  Between all of these, the deck is pretty lush.  I kept forgetting to post about this all summer when the deck was looking nice, but today I found that my passionflower had rebloomed for the first time since I bought it 2 or 3 years ago, so I went ahead and took pics of everything else while I was at it.  Of course, a recent thunderstorm left leaves and dead branches all over the place, but I’m sure you’ll be kind enough to look past that.


Weekend Gardening

Alex and I finally got out to the garden center where I have bought my annuals for years, so I am now the proud owner of 96 tall snapdragons and 18 succulents, plus two hens and chicks for future terrarium use.  I’ve only planted half of the snapdragons because this weekend was HOT, and when it wasn’t, there was rain and a tornado watch.  I also got my poor dwarf mockorange, a liatrus, and a baptisia in the ground.  Next weekend maybe I’ll work on finding a bench for the end of the path in the newly expanded garden.

Spring Break Projects

Last week was my spring break and I had lots of outdoor projects planned.  The first four days were cloudy and cold, and I was sure I wouldn’t get through my list.  However, after spending the remaining 4 days (not including Easter Sunday, since there were family obligations and thus no time for yard work) out in the sun for about 10 hours each day, Alex and I got through just about all of it!

We managed to complete the chicken run, which measures 15′ long x 4′ high x 5′ wide.  It is made of 1/2″ PVC pipes and matching corner joints, chicken wire (4′ wide and 3′ wide rolls) and zip ties.  In total it cost right around $50, it was relatively easy to make, and it’s pretty lightweight given its size.  The big girls certainly don’t prefer it to free range grazing in the back yard, but it allows them to stay “out” in the yard while we’re not at home instead of being cooped up in the little eglu run.

Since the eglu has been vacant except for at night with the nice weather, we have been putting the little girls in there while the big girls are out in the yard or in the new run.  They are still hard to catch from both their “sleep cage” in the sunroom and the eglu when it’s time to go back for the night, but they are a lot less freaked out when we’re carrying them from place to place.  I think they have the routine down and know that the eglu is great fun.

Today my first (of three or four) Spring Hill Nurseries shipments arrived while I was back at work, so when I got home I had quite a treat waiting.  I knew that this shipment would include my dwarf orange and lemon trees, a dwarf blueberry bush, and a wisteria vine.  The first 3 are all said to thrive in relatively small pots, and the latter will hopefully grow up the back house on the otherwise boring, empty brick facade.

There are lots of other things in the works for the “grounds” here so check back soon to see our progress!

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