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nom nom nom

Here are two recipes I tried for the first time over the past week, and both turned out delicious.

First, I made cookies from a Martha Stewart recipe for Chocolate Mint Sandwich Cookies, but substituted rose water for the peppermint extract.  I also made a ganache for the coating of the cookies (instead of just melted chocolate) and added a bit of rose water to that as well.

Next, I heard a story on NPR about making sardines appealing in a meal.  I had never tried sardines at all, but I’ve been much more adventurous with my food in my adult life.  Other than not being able to find fennel at my grocery store and using sardines canned with green chilies, I made the recipe for Pan-Fried Sardines With Micro Ratatouille as directed.


Green Tea Shortbread Leaves

Using Martha Stewart’s recipe and my Williams-Sonoma leaf pie crust cuters, I made these lovely cookies this afternoon.  A helpful hint: 2 T of green tea can be obtained from 8-10 single-serving tea bags.

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