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Honeycomb Cardigan

I just finished a test knit for a designer last night, and I thought I’d share the final product with you.  I’m looking forward to wearing it, but it’s so warm that I think I will have to wait several months yet.  I still need to block it one more time to even out the button band, but overall I’m pretty pleased with it.  The buttons are my own; you can find more of my  handmade buttons at Knitterings and Things on Etsy.


IntSweMoDo2011 #1

…that is, International Sweater-a-Month Dodecathon. Started January 2nd and already half done!

IntSweMoDo2010 1 and 2

This year I’ve joined the Ravelry groups International Sweater-a-Month Dodecathon (IntSweMoDo) and Knitting Everest, and I’ve so far knit 2 sweaters!  The first sweater was Owls by Kate Davies which took me 8 days to knit; the second was Mr. Darcy by Cheryl Niamath, and since it was for Alex and therefore much larger than sweaters for myself, took close to 3 weeks to knit.  Still not bad for the first month of the new year!

More of my Owls can be seen on its Ravelry page here, and more of Alex’s Mr. Darcy can be seen on its Ravelry page here.

New Year Knitterings

This year my New Year’s resolution is to knit more.  (hahaha!)  So far so good… today I’m working on finishing my second sweater of the new year, and we’re only 10 days in!  I’ve also ordered tons of yarn as several dozen Christmas presents to myself, so hopefully I’ll be all set for this endeavor.  I’ve joined the International 2010 Sweater-a-Month Dodecathon and Knitting Everest 2010 on Ravelry, and am continuing the Shilla Knit Along that Joanna and I started in November 2009.  So far Joanna and I are on our second sweater: we’ve both completed a Shalom Cardigan and are working on the Owls Pullover.  After I finish my owls, I’ll be starting on the Mr. Darcy sweater for Alex, which he’s been fawning over since the Winter issue of Knitty came out.  Here’s a few highlights from recent knitterings:

Check out my Ravelry page for details on each item!

Presto Chango Baby Sweater

Our friends Louise and JP (who live in London but are Danish and Dutch, respectively) just had their first baby, a little girl named Caya.  I have been hoping for the opportunity to knit items for baby girls, so I jumped on this one!  I have had the pattern for the Presto Chango sweater in my Ravelry queue for ages now, and after knitting it, I highly recommend it for any knitting skill level.  It is simple and quick, but with the buttoning front panel, you can go wild by making multiples to change out (in case the one the kid is wearing gets messy) in various stitch, lace, or cable patterns.  So far I’ve made just two, and am making a little seed stitch bordered hat to match (see Robin’s Egg Blue Hat.)  I have yet to buy buttons for the set, but when I do I’ll post an updated picture of the final product.


I knit this with Vanna’s Choice Baby in colorway Goldfish, which is a kind of salmon (arctic char?) pinky-orange.  It looks girly without being blatantly, predictably PINK.  My only other experience with Vanna’s Choice was the original version, which was not as soft and caught on your hands while you knit.  Her baby yarn, on the other hand, is quite soft and squishy, and machine washable.  The sweater took up almost an entire ball of Vanna’s Choice Baby (maybe 10 yards left?) before I knit any front panels, so I would recommend 2 balls if you use this yarn, with which you’d have plenty to make multiple front panels, a hat, booties… and make a great set for under $10.

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