As I mentioned, we have lots (and lots) of birds.  We breed some of them, sell a few of the “extras” here and there, but keep them for the joy of it.  They even have their own website!  You can learn more about them at Aerie Aviary.

We decided, along with our friend Joanna, to begin keeping chickens for their eggs.  As it turns out, it seems they will also be fun pets!  We have two week-old peeps- a Silver Laced Wyandotte named Ruth and an Easter Egger named Ilse.  Ruth’s eggs will be brown and Ilse’s will be either green, blue, or possibly light pink.  Both ladies should grow up to about eight pounds by the time they are two months old.  They are currently living in a plastic storage bin in the sunroom with the other birds but will live in our green Eglu when they are full grown.


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