21 week old chickies

Today Evie and Lilly are 21 weeks old, and should start laying any day now (as evidenced by their “save the babies!” pose; our older hens stopped being so wild and fussy and started crouching low to the ground with their wings pulled away from their bodies, as if they were trying to shelter a bunch of little babies, within a week or two of laying.  Now the little ones have started the same thing.)

I was able to hold Evie for the first time in months this weekend.  When they were in their wild adolescent stage, Lilly was always still handleable, and Evie always made sure she was where ever Lilly was.  Therefore, putting them away after an afternoon of grazing didn’t require picking Evie up, (and in fact trying to do so made her scream) and all that was necessary was to put Lilly where you wanted Evie to go.  Now they’re both much more handleable and huggable than they had been even as babies, which is great fun.


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  1. wow, so amazing!! they look great. It’s been so interesting to see the lives of these chickens!!


  2. Posted by thechickendance on July 19, 2010 at 5:23 pm

    Rachel!! They are so fat and squeezable!!! Helen’s comb looks like it’s about 4 weeks behind Evie’s! What do you feed those things? And she’s not doing the “mate with me!” pose (yeah, i called it what it is!) yet either. Poor confused thing. I can’t wait to see pics of the soon to come eggies!!! Wheeeeeee!!!!!


    • Posted by artistaraquel on July 19, 2010 at 5:57 pm

      Hahaha sorry Joanna… we feed the girls the Layenna chicken crumbles from Booth feeds, I save all the veggie and fruit scraps from the kitchen and chop them up with a slap chop thing… we save all the egg shells and microwave (to sterilize) then crush them, uhhh what else… oh Lilly caught and ate a small frog the other day… lol

      And Julie, thanks for the comment! It’s crazy to think that only 5 months ago they were egg sized- and shaped- fluff balls on legs. 🙂


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