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Chrysalis Vineyards VIP Party

The 2010 VIP Party at Chrysalis Vineyards in Middleburg, Va was June 19th, and it was the first one since we became members.  It was quite lovely: there was lots of delicious food plated and offered as a buffet, with lots of “courses” from which to pick and choose, and go back to sample again!  The wine was also flowing for the duration of the event, with no limit on the number of glasses per person.  (We only drank a small amount, since we had to drive ourselves back.  Next year we need to bring along a DD!)  Here are a couple of pictures from the evening.


Flower Portraits

Chick Pics

Pretty self explanatory.  Enjoy!

nom nom nom

Here are two recipes I tried for the first time over the past week, and both turned out delicious.

First, I made cookies from a Martha Stewart recipe for Chocolate Mint Sandwich Cookies, but substituted rose water for the peppermint extract.  I also made a ganache for the coating of the cookies (instead of just melted chocolate) and added a bit of rose water to that as well.

Next, I heard a story on NPR about making sardines appealing in a meal.  I had never tried sardines at all, but I’ve been much more adventurous with my food in my adult life.  Other than not being able to find fennel at my grocery store and using sardines canned with green chilies, I made the recipe for Pan-Fried Sardines With Micro Ratatouille as directed.

To ruffle or not to ruffle?

I finally got around to knitting one of the sleeve frills on my Alice (in Wonderland) Top tonight, but when I tried it on I was worried that it made me look like a linebacker. Any suggestions? The options are go with the frills / ruffles, change the existing one and finish the unfinished one with garter stitch edging (like the edging on the neckline) for the sleeves, or remove all the ruffles and do a garter stitch for all edges (hem included.) Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Weekend Gardening

Alex and I finally got out to the garden center where I have bought my annuals for years, so I am now the proud owner of 96 tall snapdragons and 18 succulents, plus two hens and chicks for future terrarium use.  I’ve only planted half of the snapdragons because this weekend was HOT, and when it wasn’t, there was rain and a tornado watch.  I also got my poor dwarf mockorange, a liatrus, and a baptisia in the ground.  Next weekend maybe I’ll work on finding a bench for the end of the path in the newly expanded garden.

New Coop!

With the eventual merge of our two mini-flocks, our eglu classic was looking pretty small.  We ended up getting a new coop and run for the girls, who seem to love it!  We put a large chicken wire “sheet” on the ground (zip tied two pieces together lengthwise to make it all one piece) and after putting the run into place, we filled the run with about 2″ of pea gravel, zip-tied the chicken wire to the base of the run, and framed the base with a row of bricks to keep the pea gravel in and everything else out.

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