Weekend Gardening

This weekend we finally got around to de-sodding an area of the front yard to expand the flower bed.  This had been in the works for months, but the combination of a lack of appropriate tools and Alex’s inability to visualize the end result hindered our progress.  Below are the pictures of our house in August of 2008, prior to removing the hedged, multi-colored azaleas and the seriously overgrown forsythia and before the front porch and sidewalk were replaced, and a picture I took today.


In Progress

Below is a picture that shows the expansion of the flower bed, where we removed the sod.  An added bonus was that every last bit of the sod we removed was put to work in the back yard to fill areas with no grass!

Flowerbed Expansion

We had one truckload of leaf mold mulch in Alex’s truck that worked to cover about 1/2 of the expanded flowerbed space, so we need at least another load or two before it’s ready for planting.  My hope is that the mulch will help the quality of the currently awful red clay soil.

Finally, I took a few shots of some of the flowers that are currently blooming in the established beds.  Can’t wait to see what the whole garden looks like in a few years!

Red Double Knockout Rose

Japanese Rose

"Blushing Rosie" Evening Primrose

The first peony blossom of the year, whose variety I can't remember


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