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Sun Bathing Peeps

I have been letting the girls run around the room in the sunroom / aviary lately while we’re around to check on them, so this afternoon they were out for a couple of hours. When I just went up to check on them, I found them sitting on top of their cage, splayed out in a pile, soaking up the warmth from their heat lamp. Pretty cute!


4-Week Peepday!

Today the girls are 4 weeks old.  On Saturday it was a balmy 75 degrees outside, so they had their first outdoor adventure!

This afternoon I did a quick photo shoot to commemorate their peepday.  Lilly was exceptionally photogenic today, while Evie was uncharacteristically challenging to photograph.

I also got a video of them playing!

And finally, a video of the big girls, Ruth and Ilse, dustbathing in the sun.

Peep Pics Updated

It’s been quite a while since my last peep post… they were 1 day shy of one week in the last pictures I posted, but now they’re 1 day shy of 3 weeks old!  They’ve been doing a lot of growing in that time, so I’m posting the pictures I’ve taken between then and now.

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