New Peeps!

Now that our girls are giving us delicious eggs, we decided we wanted a couple more hens to add to the number of eggs we can share.  Most of all, though, we love our current hens so much that we wanted to expand our flock to our coop’s limit!  We went back to My Pet Chicken to get two more peeps, and since their minimum order is 3, we convinced Joanna to add one more to her flock too, so that we could both have a total of 4 hens.  (Her arm is still sore from the twisting.)

We both wanted another Easter Egger, and while our original plan was to order 3 of them, I discovered Cochins on the site and decided what we really needed was a big fluffy skirted girl in our little flock.  I picked the blue standard cochin from the colors they had available, knowing that blue doesn’t breed true in chickens and that she could turn out to be blue, black, or splash.  Our chicks hatched Monday and arrived early on Wednesday morning, and when we opened the box it looked like they’d shipped us a blond chick and 2 chipmunks.  Joanna’s egger is the lighter of the chickmunks, who she named Helen, and our egger, Evie, is the darker of the two.  Our blue cochin, Lilly, is currently fat and blond with feet that are feathered on the outer toe and half of the middle one on each leg.

I plan on documenting their growth via photos on a daily basis for at least the first two weeks, so check back often to see their progress!


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