Snow Day Knitterings

Today we had the 4th snow day of the school year, so I took the opportunity to do some knitting as well as a bit of… we’ll say creative photography.

First off is IntSweMoDo #3, the Katrina Ballerina Layering Lace Cardigan.  However, I’m calling it my Angelina Ballerina Cardigan after one of my favorite books as a little girl.  I’m using KnitPicks Main Line yarn (which has since been discontinued) in Ivory, and am about 1/2 way through my 4th ball of yarn at the point where this picture was taken.  I have 7 balls total, so I should have plenty to make this exactly how I want it.

So far my mods include:

  • Knit a size small based on the instructions for a medium, because my gauge is way off (using size 7 needles)
  • Knit 14 rows between each button hole
  • After putting the sleeve stitches on a cable to finish later, I K2tog under the arms at the join between fronts and back to get the correct number of stitches based on pattern numbers, and to make the underarm sturdier
  • Made 4 button holes so the upper body section stops just below the bust

Otherwise, I’m doing everything else as instructed.

And finally, for your snow day pleasure, I present to you Alex, Ilse, Mr. Darcy and Tychus.


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