Owls and Mr. Darcy Sweaters

Going back to work after winter break has definitely put a dent in the amount of time I get to spend knitting each day, but I’ve been doing a good hour or two each evening while the hubby plays his PS3.  Since the conclusion of winter break, I have finished my forest green Woodland Owls sweater, and I love it!  I’m sensitive to alpaca so it’s a little prickly, but the fit is great and the effort I went through to make sure I could make the sleeves as long as possible without running out of yarn worked out perfectly.  This is a ShillaKAL sweater, and Joanna is over half finished with hers.  It’s a lovely golden-cinnamon color, and I can’t wait to see it on her!

Pics of my Owls Sweater.  I will post a better full-sweater shot when I can get someone to take a pic for me, as opposed to the mirror picture above!

Joanna’s Owls.  Knit with Lion Brand Alpine Wool in a color called Cinnamon, though it looks more like a slightly reddish gold than cinnamon.

Since I completed Owls, I started Alex’s coveted Mr. Darcy sweater.  I’ve been making decent progress on it, averaging 3″ per night.  It now measures 14″ long and about 43″ around unstretched.  Alex says he loves how it’s coming out so far, and hopefully the finished sweater will be just the way he envisions it!  I’ve gone through quite a mess with this sweater, first in trying to find an appropriate yarn for it, then settling for a worsted yarn Alex liked on Smiley’s Yarns, thinking I’d knit up 2 sizes to get the right fit on smaller needles… I decided as the yarn was en route that instead I could double it with better results, but then I needed to order more.  When I went to do so, however, the site said they were sold out!  Heartbroken, we went to Michael’s to try to find something to knit along with the yarn I had, to make it work out, but they only had 6 balls of what we settled upon in stock.  THEN 2 nights after buying the “replacement” yarn, I got an email from Smiley’s saying they did in fact have enough in stock left for me to finish the project.  In the end, it’s all worked out, but what a roller coaster!


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