New Year Knitterings

This year my New Year’s resolution is to knit more.  (hahaha!)  So far so good… today I’m working on finishing my second sweater of the new year, and we’re only 10 days in!  I’ve also ordered tons of yarn as several dozen Christmas presents to myself, so hopefully I’ll be all set for this endeavor.  I’ve joined the International 2010 Sweater-a-Month Dodecathon and Knitting Everest 2010 on Ravelry, and am continuing the Shilla Knit Along that Joanna and I started in November 2009.  So far Joanna and I are on our second sweater: we’ve both completed a Shalom Cardigan and are working on the Owls Pullover.  After I finish my owls, I’ll be starting on the Mr. Darcy sweater for Alex, which he’s been fawning over since the Winter issue of Knitty came out.  Here’s a few highlights from recent knitterings:

Check out my Ravelry page for details on each item!


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