Chicken Torture

So apparently chickens don’t like snow very much.  In The Natural History of the Chicken, I definitely saw some chickens out in the snow, pecking and scratching and not looking too upset about things.  Apparently this was all CG animation, because Ruth and Ilse were making some very unhappy noises at us just now, some even unhappier flapping-in-our-faces, and other rude chicken gestures.  Maybe it had something to do with the fact that yes, we did kind of set one in the snow against her will, and then we took one away from the other to see if she too reacted in the same manner as the first.  Which she did.  And being separated surely didn’t help their mood.  However, they looked awfully cute, and got a chance to stretch their wings for the first time in days.  So I guess it wasn’t really chicken torture, but they might tell you otherwise.


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