Bramble Cowl Sweater

With the blizzard over the weekend, what better than knitting almost an entire sweater to prevent cabin fever?  I had knit to just below the arms of my version of Francis Revisited prior to the weekend, and completed the sweater to a wearable point (pre-cowl) by yesterday afternoon.  I ended up wearing it out to dinner last night!  Now school has been cancelled for the remainder of the week/ year, so I have plenty of time to knit the cowl, bake cookies, start new knitted projects… I love snow!

Here’s my Bramble Cowl (knit with Rowan Soft Tweed) in its various stages of progress:

I ended up hating the way the sleeves looked, so I frogged them and reknit them straight.  I knit the st st portion for 10″ before starting the seed st edging.  The only issue now is that the seed st on the sleeves and hem of the body flip up easily, since it’s not as dense as the st st fabric.  Anyone have any suggestions for combating this?  I don’t really want to frog and reknit the seed st with smaller needles, as it’s appropriately sized the way it is.

Check my Ravelry page for mods on my Bramble Cowl and let me know what you think!


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