Naked Trees Silhouette Sunset

I decided to complete the 5″ x 5″ square paper cut I did of what my friend Joanna calls “naked trees” to give to my grandfather for Christmas.  I painted a watercolor sunset as a background on an 8 1/2″ square sheet of Canson Mi Tienes paper, then used some self-leveling acrylic gel medium to adhere the trees to the paper.  I did an all-over brush bristle texture in the top layer of gel medium, but I think I’d rather have the gel a little thicker and smooth instead.  I’ll add a layer and see what happens.  Until then, here’s the current status of the piece:

Everything looks yellowed because I had to take the picture without the flash, or else I got a glare off the gel coating.  We’ll see if I can’t get a better shot once it’s finished and framed.


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  1. So this is totally weird but looking at said picture and thinking about what you told me way back when about your affinity with trees… or whatever, I wrote this:

    My mind began to churn,
    with the association given to me
    by someone I once knew:
    Of lonely Man and lonesome tree;
    of bitterness and disgust
    and the nature of our ways.

    When I see branches bare,
    I think of skeletons and dust.
    I think of washing clear
    the hours buried deep in mud;
    the slowly cycled breaths,
    pushing out and pulling in
    instead of being one
    with the nature of our ways.

    To be alive and seething hatred
    for what I am one part of;
    surely, hypocrisy or hegemony.
    It must be another piece of the bleating love
    proclaimed alongside dominance.
    I think, instead, it is of my blood,
    the blood of every memory
    carved into our millennia.
    And, unlike the naked trees,
    who return as life unsheathed,
    we will find our fate so feazed
    at the glaring violence of our ways.

    Leafless trees make me think of Human mendacity in the same kind of way you said you associate with them… or something.


    • Posted by artistaraquel on December 14, 2009 at 5:39 pm

      Wow, that’s pretty awesome. Makes me feel good that some of my first art in years can give someone that kind of reaction. Your poem is so visceral and emotive. Thanks for posting it 🙂


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