More paper cutting fun

I took the advice (stole the idea?) of a friend who uses cut paper in her art and bought some of the Canson paper she uses to try for myself.  I believe the line is called Mi Tienes or something like that.  The paper worked well- it’s rich and strong- but it also dulls my blades faster than the thin origami paper, and it doesn’t have a white side on it, which is helpful for laying out your design.  I’d like to find some origami paper in single-color packs and large sizes so I could buy just what I need, but I haven’t seen anything like that in any stores I’ve checked.  It’ll probably have to be an online purchase.

Anyway, my first experimentation with the Canson paper is shown below.  The watercolor background is a place holder at the moment, until I make a background specifically for this piece.  I’m unhappy with the little leaf that goes off the edge of the lower right side of the piece, but I still consider all of this practice.  My mother wants something utilizing cut paper for Christmas, but she wants it to be more along the lines of 24″ x 36.”  This newest one is about 4″ x 8.”  We’ll see.


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