A month to go?

Today the girls are 12 weeks old, and it’s possible we could be getting eggs from them in only a month now!  They’re just now figuring out how to cluck, and make funny half-cluck, half-whine sounds on occasion.  It has been COLD and raining cats and dogs here for the past 4 days, but it finally dried out a bit today so we could let them out for a little while.  They had been going stir crazy when we went out to check on them over the past few days, since they think our presence equates to time out of the eglu, but today when they did get to come out, they put themselves back after a fairly short while.  I think it’s still a bit too cold and wet for their liking, being picky tweens and all.  Fortunately, though, after more rain tonight and a low of 36°F (yikes!) the cold front is supposed to move on and temps should be more normal for this time of year.  Then, I’m sure, the girls will continue with their grazing.

We need to finally get around to constructing their out-of-the-eglu run, which we will use in place of letting them have free range of the yard while we’re outside, so that they can graze even while the dogs are outside, and to assure their safety.  Early last week Alex had them out while he was doing some chores in the back yard when a Cooper’s Hawk swooped in over the eglu, hovered to eye the ladies, and took off again.  Fortunately the girls had just put themselves away a moment earlier, and took off into the coop when they saw the hawk, but it gave everyone quite a fright.  Maybe that’ll be a project for next Sunday.

Until then, enjoy this week’s pictures.


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