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Green tomatoes!

I finally went out and picked all the green tomatoes off the remaining vines in the garden, and ended up with quite a few!  Last weekend I started researching what recipes had been created for the use of these never-to-ripen veggies, and found quite the array!  I have not yet decided which I will try, but I’ve linked my favorite ones here.

...with a couple reddish ones added for contrast.


Knitty Calendar Posted!

Just thought I’d post the great news- the Knitty calendar is now posted and available!  You can check out (or purchase) the calendar at The Knitty Store, but I’ve included the picture of me that won below.  Alex photographed me knitting on the top of the galley during our honeymoon while we were on the Angelique Windjammer off the coast of Maine.  The image will be featured on the page for April, the month of my birth and my favorite month overall, and includes the web address for the Clapotis scarf I’m knitting in the photograph.  You can see closer pictures of the finished scarf on Ravelry.


Teenaged chickies

That’s right!  Yesterday the chickies were 13 weeks old, and clucking even more than last week.  To honor this occasion, we brought in a guest photographer to document their peepday!  Alex used his nice digital SLR yesterday while the girls were on their afternoon jaunt around the yard, and got some neat shots.

We’re in the Knitty Calendar!

I didn’t want to announce it to the world until it looked like it was sure thing, but today I received the email from Amy Singer of Knitty with a proof of the image as it will appear in the 2010 Knitty Calendar!  I can’t yet post the photograph, as Knitty wants to keep it a surprise till it’s available to the public, but it’s a photo Alex took of me knitting while we were on our honeymoon.  And to make this an even sweeter surprise, the picture will be featured on the page for my favorite month of the year!

Just to give you something to look at, here’s the picture we submitted that did not get chosen.

my Knitty bikini top in action

my Knitty bikini top in action

A month to go?

Today the girls are 12 weeks old, and it’s possible we could be getting eggs from them in only a month now!  They’re just now figuring out how to cluck, and make funny half-cluck, half-whine sounds on occasion.  It has been COLD and raining cats and dogs here for the past 4 days, but it finally dried out a bit today so we could let them out for a little while.  They had been going stir crazy when we went out to check on them over the past few days, since they think our presence equates to time out of the eglu, but today when they did get to come out, they put themselves back after a fairly short while.  I think it’s still a bit too cold and wet for their liking, being picky tweens and all.  Fortunately, though, after more rain tonight and a low of 36°F (yikes!) the cold front is supposed to move on and temps should be more normal for this time of year.  Then, I’m sure, the girls will continue with their grazing.

We need to finally get around to constructing their out-of-the-eglu run, which we will use in place of letting them have free range of the yard while we’re outside, so that they can graze even while the dogs are outside, and to assure their safety.  Early last week Alex had them out while he was doing some chores in the back yard when a Cooper’s Hawk swooped in over the eglu, hovered to eye the ladies, and took off again.  Fortunately the girls had just put themselves away a moment earlier, and took off into the coop when they saw the hawk, but it gave everyone quite a fright.  Maybe that’ll be a project for next Sunday.

Until then, enjoy this week’s pictures.

Beginnings of Christmas Knitterings

Over the last week or so I’ve begun 3 of my Christmas knitting projects, and I’ve already finished one of them!  I’m a good way into the other two, which makes me very happy since in years past I have been crazily knitting on Christmas Eve, and sometimes still don’t quite finish the projects I’d started.

This year I have decided not to over-exert myself and limit my Christmas knitting to doable projects, and to start early.  Unfortunately I can’t post pictures here since the recipients occasionally check my blog, but so far none of my family really knits, so I *can* post pics on Ravelry.  If you care to check out what I have going on and you’re a Ravelry member, the first 3 projects listed in my notebook are the ones I’m working on.  I have some ideas for a couple other knitted gifts but I need to finish these WIPs first!

Socks Finished!

Yesterday I finished Alex’s Austermann Step socks in colorway Bark, and tonight I finally managed to catch him holding still long enough to take some pics.  He had built our second fire of the season only moments before, so I took advantage of that and the fact that his feet were already right there!  I’m pleased; the sewn bind-off makes the top nice and stretchy but they seem to stay up well.  I think I knit them almost perfectly for his feet!  This is all wonderful, considering the last pair of socks I knit him was a disaster.  These were knit two at a time from the toe up on one long Knit Picks size 1 circular needle, and I used all but about 5 yards of the remaining yarn.  I may make a little sock or stocking ornament for the Christmas tree with what’s left.

I also finished knitting my first Christmas gift for a family member today, but can’t share it here until after Christmas so the recipient doesn’t see it!  If you want to check it out, visit my Ravelry page. I plan on putting lots more Christmas gifts on there, as soon as I finish (or start) them!

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