Adolescent chickies

Today is the girls’ 6-week peepday, and they’re getting big!  Since we had a cold snap on the 2nd night they were outside and it was supposed to get down to 50ºF, we brought them inside at 10 pm and have been bringing them in for the night ever since.  If we go by the 5º lower tolerance per week and they have to maintain 95º the first week, they should now be able to handle temps down to 70º.  By the time they’re 10 weeks old, however, it is my understanding that they’re pretty hardy regardless.

They are enjoying their days outside, and have been scratching and pecking all over the place in their eglu.  In addition to their medicated chick pelleted crumbles, I have been tossing nasturtium leaves in for them, which disappear within minutes, and they also get leftover parrot seed that our picky Caiques leave behind.  I’m looking forward to when they become living garbage disposals and I can toss the vegetable scraps in with them as well.  I think they’re a few weeks from that yet though.

Enjoy this week’s pics!


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