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Something blue baby set

I decided to knit a set of baby boy things for the son of the minister who married us in July.  I have finally finished it, to include a baseball-style cap, booties, and a stegosaurus toy.  I came up with the pattern for Steggy myself, but the others are patterns I found online or bought in a yarn shop while on my honeymoon.  I used a Berrocco yarn whose name I can’t remember, and finished off the whole ball with only a yard to spare.  The gray accents on Steggy are Lion Brand Wool Ease.


9-week chickies

The girls are 9 weeks old today, and still growing like weeds.  It’s been a rainy weekend but it finally cleared off a few hours ago, so they are out in the run more today than in the last couple where they stayed cooped up all day.  (Ha!  For once that phrase is completely appropriate.)  Ruth is huge, and Ilse, who was the hulk of the 5 chicks from the start, has since grown into an only modestly- sized teen.

Beauty Berry

I finally permitted myself to stop by the plant stand at the farmer’s market on Saturday, since for the past few weeks I’d forgotten to bring cash with me and looking would have been torture.  I picked a good week to buy!  This week they had a lovely shrub I’d not seen before called Beauty Berry.  The label says it “blooms spring to fall,” but the main attraction of this shrub is its almost metallic purple berries that are produced in the fall and are said to remain into the winter.  The leaves are supposed to turn pink in autumn before they fall off.  The average size is 4-5′ tall and wide, but some online research says they can get to 9′ in favorable conditions!  I showed my mom this picture, and now she wants one too.  Good thing she has a birthday coming up!

Beauty Berry

Beauty Berry

Blazer Blocking

Finally finished knitting the sleeves of my blazer, and stitched the pieces together tonight.  It looks great, but it needed a final blocking to give it a little more length.  Looking forward to wearing it!


Alex’s Geode Bas Relief Hat

Here’s Alex modeling his Geode Bas Relief Hat (and his threadless t-shirt too, as it turned out) in front of Okra’s in Old Town Manassas last weekend.  I think it looks lovely on him, and he seems to like it too.  Yay!

Geode Bas Relief

Geode Bas Relief

8-week peeps

That’s right, the girls are now 8 weeks old.  I’m still unhappy with the pictures I’ve taken this week (I’m starting to realize it’s not me but the camera… my camera stopped working a few weeks ago so I’m using a spare that I don’t like as much) but they do the job.  Enjoy!

Oh!  I watched Ilse eat a mosquito just now, so she’s earning her keep!  Just a couple million to go and I’ll be bite-free.

7-week chickies

I’m a bit behind on the 7-week peepday pics, but I didn’t get any really decent ones anyway, so I don’t feel too bad about it.  However, at the urging of fellow crazy bird person Joanna, I’ll put up the 2 pics that *did* turn out like something.  And on Sunday I’ll get back on the ball and post timely peepday pics!  Until then, enjoy.

7-week peepday

7-week peepday

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