Knitterings of the week

We have spent a lot of time being bored this week.  It’s funny- even though we have some things we could work on in the yard and what have you, we have remained bored.  I have done quite a bit of knitting this week to combat the problem, and have made a good deal of progress.  I finished my knee high socks, though I’m not super happy with them.  It was impossible to get the ribbing and hem at the top to be tight enough to stay to stay up on their own but loose enough so as to prevent cutting off circulation below the knees.  I ended up doing the ribbing several times and ripping it out when it didn’t work, doing various bind offs, including a thread of elastic in the ribbing… nothing was sufficient.  So I settled with them being loose enough to put on easily, and made a drawstring that threads through the lace just below the ribbing, and called them good.

Sand and Sky Kneehighs

Sand and Sky Kneehighs

I also started a mohair lace scarf this week from a pattern in the Interweave Knits summer issue.  It is supposed to be a very short scarf, and at less than 3 feet long, it’ll be more of a neck accessory than a real scarf.  Mine came out to be about 2″ longer than the one in the pattern, since you just use one ball of mohair and mine was not the same as what the pattern used.  I have completed the knitting portion, but in the magazine the scarf has a crocheted border and crocheted lace on both ends.  I don’t yet know how to crochet but I am going to teach myself as soon as I remember to pick up the right size hook.

Mohair Lace Scarf

Mohair Lace Scarf

Finally, since I was still in the mood to knit by the time I ran out of the mohair and had to stop work on the scarf, I went through my folders of pattern PDFs to see if there were any patterns that appealed to me that I’d already paid for but had not yet used.  I found Kira K’s Bas Relief hat pattern, and got to work on it.  I’m using some of my leftover Red Heart Soft Yarn in a lovely jewel tone of purpley fuchsia.  (I have become a fiber snob in recent years and normally I’d never give anything Red Heart a second glance, but when I was sent out to find yarn in a specific shade of teal for a friend’s hat, this brand was the only one that was THE color I was charged with finding.  I picked it up, and was amazed to find how soft and lovely it was!  I have since made over a dozen hats in as many colors of Soft Yarn, and still have a few balls left over.)

I normally would make myself the smallest size of an adult hat pattern, but after doing some research on this pattern on Ravelry, I found that almost every person who had knit the hat complained about the pattern producing a way-too-small hat.  So I’m making the medium size instead, and while I got gauge with a single strand of the Soft Yarn on size 7 needles, I decided to knit with the yarn held doubled on the same needles to make it more the way the pattern was written.  (Kira used a super bulky silk.)  Knitting the ribbing with the yarn held doubled on size 5 needles was a true test of the strength of my fingers, but switching over to the 7s for the body is a little less painful.  I’m knitting the cables with the No Cable Needle method and it’s making it go quite quickly.  Kira has a method for doing it without a cable needle as well, but it’s torturous with the thickness of the yarn and the smallish needles.

Fuchsia Bas Relief Beanie

Fuchsia Bas Relief Beanie


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