Be free, chickies!

Well we had planned on keeping the girls in the old laundry room aviary till they were at least 6 weeks old to make sure they were big enough to be outside 24/7 (even though all the literature says they’re fine at 4-5 weeks) but today we decided they were making too big a mess and were starting to stink, so out they went!  It’s a nice mild day (breezy and low 80s) and they seem to be enjoying their new eglu home.  Happy 5-week peepday, chickies!

Alex put posts around the eglu and its run with 2 strands of electric cattle fencing wire around them to serve as added protection in keeping unwanted critters away, and we’re going to get some tent stakes for the “lip” of the run, to ensure it stays flat and secure on the less-than-level ground.  We’ll be closing them into the coop portion of the eglu at night so as to prevent predation from raccoons and the like, who do awful things to chickens.

Ruth has scratched herself out a little depression through the layer of hardwood mulch and into the dirt, into which she decided to take a nap.  Ilse kept stepping on and pecking at Ruth, however, so the nap didn’t last very long.  Later, they both stopped fussing and stealing one another’s treasured leaves and bits of mulch for a snack.

We’ll ultimately be constructing a 5-sided hardware cloth run that they’ll use for excursions into the rest of the back yard.  We’d like to just let them be completely free range chickens during the day but we have too many dangers around in the way of hawks, foxes, and raccoons, and I wouldn’t trust my Akita Byron for a second with them.


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  1. Posted by thechickendance on September 2, 2009 at 10:31 pm

    Awwwwww, I gotta get back on top of this blogging. The girls are much harder to photograph now ’cause I can’t just reach in the run and grab them every time I want. My arms are too short!


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