As has been the trend for a good part of my life, I’m a late bloomer when it comes to the world of blogging.  But my blogless life ends today!  I plan to use this blog to elaborate on several of the interests I have:





Birds (known in our home as biddies)

The last one is pretty extensive.  My husband and I have a flock that currently includes approximately 50 Lady Gouldian Finches, over a dozen Bourke’s parakeets, a pair of Scarlet Chested parakeets, 3 Kakariki parakeets, 2 Parrotlets, 2 White Bellied Caique Parrots, and the newest addition: 2 baby chickens.  We’re a little crazy.  But we’ve managed the craziness well, and it’s a fun hobby.  How many people can birdwatch avian members of 5 countries all in one sunroom?


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  1. Posted by thechickendance on August 6, 2009 at 5:21 pm

    Yaaaaaay! You joined wordpress! I love wordpress! Such fun. I’ll put you on my “blogroll” if you put me on yours! hehe. I just posted something new too. I want to take some new pics of the birdies to put on the post but my camera’s battery decided to crap out. I want to make a little film clip of Frances to post at the backyard chicken website. There are a lot of threads about how to tell if your barred rock is a rooster. Also I just ate a really weird sandwich that you might like. My uncle eats them all the time and it’s just so weird, I had to try it. lol. It’s peanut butter, tomato, salt & pepper, and a little bit of mayo on toast (or not). Actually kinda tasty. 😉


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